Nikki Glaser Tom Brady Youtube, a Stand-Up Star, Shares Some of Her Unaired Jokes from Tom Brady’s Roast.

Nikki Glaser, best known for her unfiltered humor, took great care in selecting her comedy choices during Netflix’s The Roast of Tom Brady. Glaser decided not to include jokes involving former NFL player’s children; speaking with Howard Stern on May 6, she stated “we all collectively decided not to include his children too much as they didn’t ask for that”. Brady has children from two previous relationships – son Benjamin (14), daughter Vivian (11) and Jack (16) were specifically left off-limits as was Jack from Bridget Moynahan who is currently involved with Bridget Moynahan; these children as well as Jack (16).

How Did Glaser Handle Touchy Topics?

Comedy roasts often cross delicate boundaries. Glaser pointed out that she couldn’t joke about Tom Brady kissing Jack on the lips – something which has caused public discussion – as that would violate protocol and compromise public trust. She added, however, “I couldn’t say to Tom, hopefully we make out at the after party; you can pretend I am your son”, alluding to an incident when Brady affectionately kissed Jack affectionately on both lips during an exchange in public.

Glaser related to Brady’s gesture because her own father would kiss her on the lips as both a child and adult, a sentiment which “we all took too seriously.” However, Glaser and other comedians ultimately decided against including any mention of Brady’s children in their special.

What Jokes Did Glaser Leave Out of Her Roast?

Although Glaser is known for her provocative comedy, she chose not to deliver some lines she had prepared during the roast. For instance, she refrained from making jokes related to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a neurodegenerative disease linked to repeated head injuries. One such joke included this line from her script – “‘First I’d like to announce that all proceeds from tonight’s show are going toward CTE research… And also towards covering up this information from them”. She added that her intention was intended as she tried not to offend anyone while providing entertaining jokes – keeping sensitivity of mind as much as possible while making impactful and enjoyable jokes.

How Did Other Roasters Address Tom Brady’s Personal Life?

Its Kevin Hart and a panel of celebrity roasters such as Ben Affleck, Peyton Manning, Bill Belichick, Rob Gronkowski and Kim Kardashian managed to address Brady’s personal life without breaching boundaries concerning his children. Hart set the tone by cracking jokes about Gisele Bundchen and Joaquim Valente – Bundchen having given Brady an ultimatum stating they must retire or face going 8-9 and retiring anyway (referring to their 8-9 record against his final season with Tampa Bay Buccaneers record in 2016 and retirement of Brady).

Hart was quick to poke fun at Tom Brady’s departure from the New England Patriots and his relationship with coach Bill Belichick, with an anecdote: “Tom, you fked your coach… but let me tell you something, people… that is sometimes necessary to maintain happiness in life… Gisele Bundchen did that too… she fked her coach.”

What Was the Reaction to the Roast?

The audience remained entertained despite Glaser and the other roasters exercising restraint. Certain jokes were left out due to content sensitivities or time limitations; participants made sure their humor didn’t detract from overall enjoyment. Glaser made conscious decisions not to include certain jokes for an impactful yet respectful performance which allowed other comedians to address Brady’s personal life without breaking taboos; Hart added humor while simultaneously drawing attention to Brady’s athletic career.

At its heart, The Roast of Tom Brady managed to strike an ideal balance between fun and respectability. Though boundaries were set forth, roasters delivered an unforgettable show which provided viewers with both comedy and insight into Brady’s long career.


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