Njambi Koikai Husband, Age, Career, Tribe, Child, Illness, and Cause of Death

Njambi Koikai, widely recognized as Fyah Mummah Jahmby, was a distinguished Kenyan reggae MC, radio host, and activist. Born on November 24, 1986, in Nairobi, Kenya, she left an indelible mark on the entertainment and activist community until her untimely death on June 3, 2024, at the age of 38.

What Was Njambi Koikai’s Early Life Like?

Njambi Koikai was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. From a young age, she exhibited a passion for music and media, which eventually led her to become a prominent figure in the Kenyan entertainment scene. Her early life experiences and cultural background shaped her into a resilient and influential individual.

What Were the Highlights of Njambi Koikai’s Career?

Njambi Koikai’s career was marked by significant achievements in the media industry. She began her journey as a radio host, where her unique style and engaging personality quickly gained her a massive following. Known for her deep love for reggae music, she earned the moniker “Fyah Mummah Jahmby” and became a celebrated reggae MC.

In addition to her radio career, Njambi was a well-known TV presenter. She hosted several shows that resonated with audiences, providing a platform for discussions on various social issues. Her work extended beyond entertainment; she was an ardent advocate for women’s health, using her platform to raise awareness about endometriosis.

Who Was Njambi Koikai’s Husband?

Njambi Koikai was a private individual when it came to her personal life. There is limited public information available regarding her marital status or husband. Throughout her life, she focused primarily on her career and activism, maintaining a low profile about her romantic relationships.

Did Njambi Koikai Have Children?

There are no public records or confirmations about Njambi Koikai having any children. Her battle with endometriosis, a condition that can complicate fertility, was a significant aspect of her life that she openly discussed, but details about her family life remained private.

What Was Njambi Koikai’s Tribal Affiliation?

Njambi Koikai was of Kikuyu descent, one of the largest ethnic groups in Kenya. Her cultural heritage played a crucial role in shaping her identity and influenced her work as a media personality and activist. She often incorporated her cultural background into her work, using her platform to address issues affecting her community.

What Illness Did Njambi Koikai Battle?

Njambi Koikai was a fierce warrior against endometriosis, a debilitating condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus, causing severe pain and complications. She was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 19, and her battle with the disease became a significant part of her life and advocacy.

How Did Endometriosis Affect Njambi Koikai’s Life?

Endometriosis had a profound impact on Njambi Koikai’s life. She underwent more than 15 surgeries and spent months in hospitals in the United States in 2019. Despite the severe pain and numerous surgeries, she remained resilient and continued to raise awareness about the condition.

What Were Njambi Koikai’s Last Days Like?

In her final days, Njambi Koikai continued her activism, raising awareness about endometriosis and urging the government to declare it a national disaster. She was hospitalized a week before her death and appealed for blood donations from the public. Her last messages on social media were filled with faith and hope, encouraging others to trust in God’s guidance and to take bold steps in their lives.

What Was the Cause of Njambi Koikai’s Death?

Njambi Koikai passed away on June 3, 2024, while receiving treatment at the Nairobi Hospital. Her death was a result of complications related to her long battle with endometriosis. The news of her passing was met with shock and sorrow across Kenya, as she had been a symbol of strength and resilience.

What Legacy Did Njambi Koikai Leave Behind?

Njambi Koikai’s legacy is one of courage, resilience, and advocacy. She used her platform to educate others about endometriosis, breaking the silence surrounding the condition and advocating for better healthcare for women. Her contributions to the media industry and her role as a cultural icon will be remembered and cherished by many.

How Did the Public React to Njambi Koikai’s Death?

The news of Njambi Koikai’s death elicited an outpouring of grief and tributes from fans, colleagues, and celebrities. Prominent figures like Abel Mutua and Ciru Muriuki mourned her passing, sharing heartfelt messages and memories. Her efforts to raise awareness about endometriosis were widely acknowledged, and many called for continued efforts to address the condition in her honor.


Njambi Koikai’s life was a testament to the power of resilience and advocacy. Despite her long and painful battle with endometriosis, she remained a vibrant and influential figure in Kenyan media and activism. Her legacy will continue to inspire many to fight for better healthcare and to raise awareness about endometriosis, ensuring that her efforts live on even after her passing.


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