Penn Badgley Wife, All About Penn Badgley’s Wife, Domino Kirke

Penn Badgley, known for his role in the hit series You, and Domino Kirke, a talented musician and doula, have a love story that has intrigued many. The couple met in 2014, married three years later, and welcomed their first child together in 2020. As of 2024, Penn Badgley, aged 37, has an estimated net worth of $8 million, while Domino Kirke, aged 41, continues to build her career in music and birth work. Here’s an in-depth look at their relationship and the journey they’ve shared.

Who is Domino Kirke?

Domino Kirke is the daughter of Simon Kirke, co-founder and drummer of the band Bad Company, and Lorraine Kirke, a vintage shop owner and interior decorator. Growing up in a family with strong ties to the arts, Domino chose a slightly different path. She studied to become a doula and reiki practitioner, co-founding Carriage House Birth, which provides services for pregnant women. In 2021, she co-authored a book titled Life After Birth: Portraits of Love and the Beauty of Parenthood with Joanna Griffiths, focusing on the experiences of postpartum mothers.

Despite her career in birth work, Domino is also a talented musician. She attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School to study music and later formed a band named DOMINO. In 2017, she released an album titled Beyond Waves with producer Mark Ronson. One of her songs was featured in Lena Dunham’s film Tiny Furniture. Additionally, Domino directed a music video for her song “Half Blood,” which explored the connections between half-siblings and featured her husband Penn and his half-sister, Jen.

How Did Badgley and Kirke Meet?

Penn Badgley and Domino Kirke were first spotted together in New York City in the summer of 2014. They met at a meatball shop and struck up a conversation when Domino offered Penn a place to stay, as he was couch surfing at the time. Although he declined her offer, they exchanged numbers and began dating.

Domino, who was adjusting to life as a single mother with her son Cassius, initially did not envision marriage in her future. However, their relationship deepened over time, aided by their shared commitment to the Baha’i faith, which Penn credits with preparing him for marriage. In a 2018 interview with People, Penn stated, “I don’t think I could truly value human love until I developed divine love.”

When Did They Get Married?

Penn and Domino tied the knot in 2017 with two ceremonies. The first was a small civil ceremony in Brooklyn in February, followed by a larger reception at Domino’s mother’s home in Waccabuc, New York, in June. Domino described their wedding celebrations to People, saying, “My first wedding was more of a civil ceremony with about 40 people that were able to join us in a pinch. The second one was more planned. 200 people came from all over the world. It just felt necessary to have both.”

The larger celebration included celebrity guests like Mariska Hargitay, Zac Posen, Debra Messing, and Heidi Klum. Domino later reflected on the whirlwind year she experienced, telling i-D magazine, “I got married and it was a bit of a whirlwind I wasn’t expecting for the next phase for Penn and I.”

Do They Have Kids?

In addition to Domino’s son Cassius Riley, whom she had with musician Morgan O’Kane, the couple welcomed their first child together, a son named James, on August 20, 2020. Penn and Domino’s family life is a blend of their professional commitments and their dedication to each other and their children.

How Has Their Relationship Evolved?

Penn Badgley has openly discussed how marriage and fidelity have influenced his career choices. On his podcast Podcrushed in 2023, he revealed his request to reduce intimate scenes in You, citing his commitment to fidelity in his marriage. He shared that he had almost turned down the role due to the show’s sex scenes, explaining to Variety, “That aspect of Hollywood has always been very disturbing to me… I didn’t tell anybody that. But that is why.”

Their shared faith and mutual respect have been central to their relationship, with Penn crediting their Baha’i beliefs for the strength and depth of their bond. The couple continues to navigate their professional and personal lives with a clear sense of purpose and commitment to each other and their family.


Penn Badgley and Domino Kirke’s relationship is a testament to the power of shared values and mutual support. From their serendipitous meeting in New York City to their dual wedding ceremonies and their growing family, their journey together is marked by love, respect, and a shared commitment to their faith and family. As they continue to evolve individually and as a couple, their story remains an inspiring example of enduring love in the public eye.


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