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Tom Brady is one of the greatest American football quarterbacks ever seen in NFL history. Born August 3, 1977 in San Mateo, California and attending University of Michigan as a college player before being selected sixth overall by New England Patriots as part of 2000 NFL Draft, Brady quickly gained prominence leading his team to five Super Bowl appearances during his first eleven years as starting quarterback while winning three championships despite their late selection.

Early Life and College Career Brady grew up in San Mateo, California in a Catholic family with Irish and German roots. He idolized Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers and attended regularly their games throughout his childhood years. Brady attended Junipero Serra High School before going on to be drafted by Montreal Expos baseball catcher team as well.

Why Send the Rings to Qatar?

At Michigan, Brady steadily moved up through the depth chart until becoming the starting quarterback. He established records for pass attempts and completions at Michigan while leading them to significant victories like winning the Orange Bowl.

Professional Career with the Patriots

Brady began his professional journey slowly, beginning as the fourth-string quarterback for the New England Patriots. However, things took a dramatic turn when Drew Bledsoe was injured and Brady became his replacement as starter; leading them to victory at Super Bowl XLII while earning one of multiple Super Bowl MVP awards that year.

Brady’s career is marked by numerous accomplishments:

Reigning five Super Bowls as captain of the Patriots. Breaking various NFL records – such as most touchdown passes in one regular season (24). Leading them to their first unblemished regular season since 16-game schedules were implemented (unbeaten regular season record: 63-0).
As one of the greatest career passer ratings and playoff win totals in NFL history, Tom Brady teamed with Coach Bill Belichick to become one of the most prolific quarterback-coach tandems ever, winning multiple Super Bowls together.

What Awaits Brady Post-Retirement?

Later Career Once leaving New England Patriots, Brady continued his success at Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he won another Super Bowl, cementing his legacy as an adaptable quarterback able to excel under different environments. Along his career arc he has earned many accolades including MVP awards, Pro Bowl selections and records that demonstrate both leadership and skill.


Tom Brady stands as an exemplar of resilience, excellence and competitive spirit that transcends football. Even through injuries and changes in team structures, he maintained remarkable dedication and consistency with his craft, inspiring numerous athletes worldwide.


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