Pj Washington Wife, Career And Personal Life

P.J. Washington, the talented NBA player for the Dallas Mavericks, found love again with Alisah Chanel, an influencer and entrepreneur. In 2023, the couple tied the knot in a lavish ceremony, marking the beginning of their journey together. P.J. Washington, 25 years old with a net worth of $10 million, and Alisah Chanel, 26, have captured the hearts of many with their love story and blended family.

How Did P.J. Washington and Alisah Chanel Meet?

P.J. Washington and Alisah Chanel started dating after Washington’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Brittany Renner, ended. Their connection blossomed quickly, leading to Washington proposing to Chanel in August 2022. Chanel excitedly shared the news on Instagram, expressing her joy and love for Washington. “Soooooo….. this happened this morning,” she wrote. “Issa fiancée. WOW babe you did that. I LOVE YOU.”

When Did P.J. Washington and Alisah Chanel Get Married?

The couple exchanged vows on October 28, 2023, in a glamorous wedding ceremony. The event, filled with white roses and sparkling decorations, was featured prominently on Chanel’s Instagram. Friends, family, and fans congratulated the newlyweds, including Washington’s ex-girlfriend, Brittany Renner, who commented, “Congrats ya’ll!!!” on their wedding photos.

Where Is Alisah Chanel From?

Alisah Chanel was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, on July 31, 1997. After her marriage to Washington, she moved to Dallas, Texas, following his trade to the Mavericks in early 2024. The couple has embraced their new home, which features a spacious kitchen, pool, and even an elevator. Chanel shared a tour of their new residence on TikTok in September 2023, captioning the video, “POV: you just bought your dream house with the love of your life … Still doesn’t feel real.”

What Does Alisah Chanel Do?

Alisah Chanel has made a name for herself as an influencer, with over half a million followers on Instagram and more than 200,000 on TikTok. She focuses on beauty and fitness, collaborating with numerous brands in these industries. Her online presence showcases her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to maintaining a strong, positive influence on her followers.

How Do P.J. Washington and Alisah Chanel Manage Their Blended Family?

Washington and Chanel have a blended family that includes their son, Preston, born in December 2022. They also co-parent Washington’s son from his previous relationship with Brittany Renner, Paul Jermaine Washington III, born in 2021, and Chanel’s son from a previous relationship, Aiden Licastro, born in 2017. Washington frequently expresses his joy of fatherhood on social media, stating, “No better feeling,” and sharing family photos that capture their happy moments together.

What Was Their Wedding Like?

The couple’s wedding on October 28, 2023, was a lavish affair filled with white roses and sparkling decorations. Chanel shared the beautiful moments on her Instagram with a caption that read, “THE WASHINGTONS 💍 Part 1.” The wedding was attended by close friends and family, celebrating the couple’s love and commitment to each other. The glamorous ceremony reflected their love story’s uniqueness and beauty.

What Gifts Has P.J. Washington Given Alisah Chanel?

Washington has shown his love and appreciation for Chanel through thoughtful and luxurious gifts. In February 2024, Chanel shared on Instagram that Washington had gifted her a Birkin bag and a Patek Philippe watch. In April, she expressed her gratitude again when he surprised her with a Range Rover. She posted a TikTok video of the vehicle being delivered, captioning it, “I love him real bad.”

How Does Alisah Chanel Share Her Life as a Parent?

Chanel is open about her journey as a mother, frequently sharing sweet moments and milestones of her children on Instagram. For her oldest son’s birthday, she posted a heartfelt message, “BIG 7❗️Happy birthday to my first born I can’t believe you’re growing so fast you’re making me feel old 😩 I love you sugaaaa & there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you 🤍.” She also shares photos of her attending Washington’s games with their youngest son, Preston, showing her support and dedication as a wife and mother.

What is P.J. Washington’s Approach to Family Life?

Washington cherishes his role as a father and often shares family moments on social media. He posted family photos in 2023 where he and his sons wore black and white tuxedos, and Chanel donned a black dress. He captioned the images, “My World,” showcasing his love for his family. His commitment to his family is evident in the way he balances his professional career with his personal life.


P.J. Washington and Alisah Chanel’s love story is a beautiful blend of romance, family, and personal growth. Chanel, with her influential presence and entrepreneurial spirit, complements Washington’s athletic career. Their journey together, marked by their glamorous wedding and blended family, continues to inspire many. As they navigate their life together in Dallas, their story remains one of love, dedication, and shared dreams.


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