President Macron Wife, Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Macron A Love Story Across Time

French President Emmanuel Macron, with an estimated net worth of $76 million and aged 46, married his former high school teacher, Brigitte Macron, in 2007. Their relationship, spanning decades and marked by significant age difference, has been a subject of public interest and intrigue.

How Did Emmanuel Macron Meet Brigitte?

Emmanuel Macron first met Brigitte when he was a student at Le Providence, a Catholic school in northern France. At that time, Brigitte, then 39 years old, was a drama teacher, and Emmanuel was just 15. Despite the considerable age gap, their bond grew strong. Emmanuel’s parents initially mistook his interest for Brigitte’s daughter, leading to his transfer to a boarding school in Paris. “I told myself that he would fall in love with someone his [own] age. It didn’t happen,” Brigitte recalled in a November 2023 interview with Paris Match.

Why Did Their Relationship Raise Eyebrows?

Brigitte was married with three children when she met Emmanuel, making their burgeoning relationship complicated. Over the years, they maintained contact while Emmanuel pursued higher education. Their relationship did not turn romantic immediately, as Brigitte prioritized her family during this period. She admitted to Elle magazine in December 2017, “I know that I have hurt my children, and that is the thing I reproach myself for the most. But I couldn’t not do it.”

What Challenges Did Their Age Difference Bring?

Brigitte, 25 years Emmanuel’s senior, has spoken candidly about the complexities their age difference brought into their relationship. “We are not a model couple,” Brigitte told France’s RTL radio station. She emphasized the daily challenges of their partnership, noting that societal perceptions and personal dynamics added layers of difficulty. However, she firmly rejected the term “cougar,” finding it offensive and inaccurate.

How Did They Finally Marry?

After a decade of maintaining their connection, Brigitte divorced her first husband in 2006. She and Emmanuel married in 2007. During the wedding reception, Emmanuel expressed his gratitude to Brigitte’s children for supporting their unconventional union, saying, “Thanks for accepting us, a not-quite-normal couple.”

Who Are Brigitte Macron’s Children?

Brigitte had three children from her first marriage to banker André-Louis Auzière: Sébastien, Laurence, and Tiphaine. Each of them pursued successful careers, becoming a cardiologist, a lawyer, and a statistical engineer, respectively. Brigitte also has seven grandchildren. Balancing her children’s well-being with her own happiness was a significant concern for Brigitte, as she navigated her relationship with Emmanuel.

What Role Does Brigitte Play in Emmanuel’s Life?

Emmanuel Macron has often credited Brigitte as his “anchor,” emphasizing her critical role in his personal and professional life. “For me, it’s very important for my personal balance to have somebody at home telling you the truth every day,” he told CNN in 2017. He highlighted the importance of having a partner who loves him for who he is, rather than for his status or position.

How Do They Spend Time Together?

Despite Emmanuel’s demanding schedule, the couple strives not to spend nights apart. Brigitte mentioned to Elle that having Emmanuel by her side is a source of comfort for both of them. “We’re just like any other couple. We agree, we disagree. We argue, we stop arguing. It’s very fluid,” she said. Their mutual support and understanding help them navigate the challenges of their unique relationship.

How Do They Engage in Public Life Together?

As prominent figures, Emmanuel and Brigitte often appear together at significant events. They have met with international leaders, including U.S. President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. The Macrons attended a state dinner hosted by the Bidens in December 2022, highlighting their diplomatic engagements and the personal connections they maintain with other world leaders.

How Has Their Relationship Evolved Over the Years?

Brigitte and Emmanuel’s relationship has grown stronger over time, marked by mutual respect and love. Brigitte shared in a 2023 interview how their bond feels simple yet profound, despite public scrutiny. “A bit like the Platonic idea that you meet your better half and you fit together,” she remarked. Their journey, though not typical, reflects a deep, enduring partnership.

What is the Current Status of Their Relationship?

As of now, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron continue to present a united front, supporting each other through the ups and downs of public and personal life. Their story, while unique, serves as a testament to the power of love and commitment across time and societal norms.


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