Rafael Leao Girlfriend, Discover Everything About Francisca Silva Grelmos

As of July 2024, Rafael Leao, a key player for AC Milan, has garnered immense admiration from fans at the San Siro. The Portuguese winger, aged 25, played a pivotal role in AC Milan’s Serie A victory during the 21/22 season. His stellar performances have not only elevated his status on the field but also brought significant attention to his personal life. Leao, with a net worth of approximately $20 million, is rumored to be in a relationship with Francisca Silva Grelmos. But is there any truth to these speculations? Let’s delve into the details.

Who is Francisca Silva Grelmos?

Francisca Silva Grelmos remains an enigma. Little is known about her age or occupation, yet rumors suggest that she has been romantically involved with Rafael Leao since 2022. She has frequently been seen attending AC Milan games, and notably, she was present at the San Siro in January for the match against Cagliari. During this game, Leao scored, helping AC Milan secure a 4-1 victory. The crowd’s celebration included Francisca, who was seen applauding Leao enthusiastically.

How Strong is Francisca’s Social Media Presence?

Despite her elusive background, Francisca maintains a significant social media presence. She boasts over 70k followers on Instagram and also has an active TikTok account. Interestingly, though she and Rafael Leao do not follow each other on Instagram, their mutual interactions have not gone unnoticed by fans. Leao has even left three heart emojis on one of her posts, hinting at a connection between the two.

What Evidence Supports Their Relationship?

The relationship rumors gained more traction when Francisca uploaded a TikTok video featuring the alleged couple. Additionally, Rafael Leao and Francisca have been spotted together on multiple occasions, such as shopping in the streets of Milan. These sightings suggest that there might be more to their relationship than just rumors.

Who Was Rafael Leao’s Previous Partner?

Before the rumors about Francisca Silva Grelmos emerged in late 2022, Rafael Leao was reportedly in a relationship with Debora Reis. Debora is a nail stylist based in London, as reported by Pulse Sports. The couple was often seen together in Italy, including an instance when fans photographed them entering a Balenciaga store. However, their relationship seems to have ended, as evidenced by their decision to unfollow each other on Instagram. Debora’s Instagram post, captioned, “Things change, people change, feelings change too,” suggests that both have moved on from their past relationship.

What is Rafael Leao’s Current Status at AC Milan?

Rafael Leao continues to be a standout player for AC Milan. His impressive performances have made him a favorite among fans. Off the field, his personal life continues to be a subject of speculation and intrigue. The rumors about his relationship with Francisca Silva Grelmos add another layer to his already fascinating persona. While much about Francisca remains unknown, the public appearances and social media interactions between her and Leao suggest they share a close bond.

How Has Leao’s Personal Life Impacted His Career?

Leao’s journey at AC Milan has been nothing short of remarkable. His contributions on the field are well-recognized, and his personal life has kept fans and media engaged. The mystery surrounding his alleged relationship with Francisca Silva Grelmos only adds to his appeal. Whether these rumors are true or not, Leao continues to be a significant figure both on and off the field. His past relationship with Debora Reis also highlights his journey, showing that despite personal changes, his professional commitment remains unwavering.

What’s Next for Rafael Leao?

As Rafael Leao continues to shine for AC Milan, fans eagerly anticipate more updates on his life and career. His performance on the field and the ongoing speculations about his personal life ensure that he remains in the spotlight. The rumors about his relationship with Francisca Silva Grelmos and the public interest they generate only add to the intrigue surrounding his persona. Whether the relationship rumors are substantiated or not, Leao’s dedication to his sport and his engaging personal life narrative keep his fans hooked.


Rafael Leao’s career at AC Milan is a testament to his talent and dedication. His influence on the field is undeniable, and his personal life continues to captivate fans. The ongoing rumors about his relationship with Francisca Silva Grelmos add a layer of mystery and excitement to his story. As Leao progresses in his career, fans will undoubtedly remain curious about both his professional achievements and personal endeavors. With his talent and charisma, Rafael Leao is sure to keep his audience engaged for years to come.


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