Rassie Erasmus Wife, Rissie Erasmus, the Bok Coach, and His Spouse Nicolene Are Said to Have Separated.

The world of rugby was recently shaken not by on-field events but by personal developments in the life of one of its most prominent figures. Rassie Erasmus, the head coach of the South African national rugby team, the Springboks, has reportedly ended his marriage to Nicolene Erasmus after two decades. This article delves into the details surrounding the divorce, its impact on Erasmus, and what lies ahead for the Springboks.

What Led to the Divorce?

The news of the divorce was first reported by the Afrikaans magazine Huisegenoot, which stated that it had obtained court documents confirming the dissolution of the marriage. The documents indicated that the divorce between Nicolene Erasmus (N. Erasmus) and Johan Erasmus (J. Erasmus) was finalized on April 29. According to sources close to the couple, the relationship had been strained for some time, with the pair no longer living together, signaling deeper issues that eventually led to the decision to part ways.

How Has Rassie Erasmus Responded?

Rassie Erasmus has not publicly commented on the divorce, maintaining a focus on his professional responsibilities. His lawyer, when asked for details by the publication, succinctly responded, “Lawyers do not comment on clients’ personal matters,” underscoring the privacy with which Erasmus is handling this personal change.

What Was the Reaction from SA Rugby?

An SA Rugby spokesperson also declined to comment on the matter, reflecting a broader approach of maintaining the privacy of their key personnel. This stance is typical in professional sports, where the focus is often kept on the team’s performance and upcoming fixtures rather than the personal lives of its members.

Where is Rassie Erasmus Now?

Currently, Rassie Erasmus is in Cape Town, where he is leading the Springboks through an alignment camp. This camp is crucial as it prepares the team for the upcoming international season. Despite the personal upheaval, Erasmus remains committed to his role, underscoring his professional dedication and resilience.

What’s Next for the Springboks?

The Springboks have a busy season ahead, beginning with a match against Wales in London on June 22. This will be followed by a highly anticipated series against Ireland in July, a game against Portugal in Bloemfontein, and their Rugby Championship campaign starting in August. The Springboks will face Australia in two tests before hosting the All Blacks in Cape Town and Johannesburg. These matches are critical as the team aims to defend its status as world champions and build momentum leading into future competitions.

How Might the Divorce Impact Rassie Erasmus and the Team?

The impact of Erasmus’ personal life on his professional duties remains to be seen. However, it’s worth noting that Erasmus is known for his strategic acumen and ability to maintain focus under pressure. His leadership was instrumental in guiding the Springboks to back-to-back Rugby World Cup victories, a testament to his ability to compartmentalize personal and professional challenges. The alignment camp in Cape Town is an opportunity for Erasmus to reinforce his commitment to the team and ensure that the Springboks remain on track for a successful season.

Why is This News Significant?

The divorce of a high-profile sports figure like Rassie Erasmus garners significant attention, not just because of his achievements but also due to the human interest aspect. Fans and followers of the Springboks are invested in the lives of their heroes, and such news inevitably sparks discussions and speculations. However, it is crucial to approach such topics with sensitivity and respect for the individuals involved.

What Should Fans Expect Moving Forward?

For fans of the Springboks, the focus will naturally shift back to the field as the season progresses. The upcoming matches are pivotal, and Erasmus’ ability to steer the team through these challenges will be closely watched. His track record suggests that he will continue to excel, ensuring that personal matters do not overshadow professional commitments.


The end of Rassie and Nicolene Erasmus’ 20-year marriage marks a significant personal development for the Springboks’ head coach. As he navigates this new chapter, his focus remains firmly on the Springboks and their upcoming season. While the personal aspects of his life might be under scrutiny, it is his professional expertise and leadership that will continue to define his legacy in the world of rugby.


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