Rob Burrows Wife, A Tribute to a Rugby Legend and His Family’s Resilience

Rob Burrow, a former Leeds Rhino rugby star, has passed away at the age of 41 after a courageous battle with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Diagnosed in 2019, Burrow’s journey has been one of immense strength and determination, supported every step of the way by his wife Lindsey, who became his full-time carer.

How Did Rob and Lindsey Burrow’s Journey Begin?

Rob and Lindsey Burrow’s love story began when they were just 15 years old. Lindsey described their life as ‘perfect,’ filled with a ‘great marriage, supportive families, and three beautiful children.’ However, their lives took a drastic turn in 2019 when Rob was diagnosed with MND. At the time, Rob was 37, and their children were all under the age of eight.

What Challenges Did Lindsey Face as Rob’s Carer?

Lindsey took on the role of Rob’s primary carer while continuing her work as an NHS physiotherapist and caring for their children. The emotional and physical strains were immense, yet she remained steadfast. Lindsey has shared how Rob encouraged her to focus on making happy memories despite his deteriorating condition. As his disease progressed, Lindsey had to manage tasks like feeding, dressing, and moving Rob, who eventually relied on a device to communicate through eye movements.

How Did the Family Cope During the Pandemic?

The pandemic added another layer of difficulty. Lindsey often found herself without outside support, which made her caregiving duties even more challenging. Despite the isolation and exhaustion, Lindsey continued to honor her marriage vows, saying, ‘When Rob was diagnosed, love was being the best carer to Rob I could be.’

What Was Rob’s Condition Like Towards the End?

In his final year, Rob’s condition had severely deteriorated. He weighed just seven stone, was non-verbal, and could only consume liquidized food fed to him by Lindsey. He needed a ventilator to help manage high carbon dioxide levels in his body. Despite these challenges, Lindsey refused outside help, insisting on personally caring for Rob, saying, ‘I know he’d do the same for me.’

How Did Rob and Lindsey’s Story Inspire Others?

Rob and Lindsey’s journey has been an inspiration to many. Rob’s determination to live life to the fullest and Lindsey’s unwavering support have touched countless lives. Rob once said, ‘I refuse to give in. I will fight and fight to my very last breath.’ Lindsey’s dedication as a carer has been praised widely, with Rob himself calling her the strongest person he knew.

What Legacy Did Rob Leave Behind?

Rob Burrow’s legacy extends beyond his rugby career. He devoted himself to fundraising for MND charities, spearheading a £6.8 million charity appeal for a state-of-the-art care center in Leeds. Despite his passing, the project will continue, reflecting Rob’s enduring impact. Paul Watkins of Leeds Hospitals Charity described Rob as a beacon of light and inspiration, whose efforts have significantly raised awareness about MND.

How Did the Burrow Family Find Support and Recognition?

Rob’s charitable work earned him a CBE, presented by the Prince of Wales, who praised his inspirational efforts. This recognition highlighted Rob’s influence in bringing attention to MND and supporting others affected by the disease. The Burrow family’s story has been shared widely, including in ITV documentaries that have provided an intimate look into their lives and the challenges they faced.

What Is Motor Neurone Disease and Its Impact?

MND is a devastating condition affecting up to 5,000 adults in the UK at any one time. It disrupts the communication between the brain and muscles, leading to progressive weakening and wasting of the muscles. While some, like Professor Stephen Hawking, live for many years with MND, the average prognosis is less than five years. Currently, there is no cure, and available treatments offer only modest benefits.

How Can We Continue Rob Burrow’s Fight Against MND?

Rob Burrow’s fight against MND continues through the efforts of charities and ongoing research. The Motor Neurone Disease Association works tirelessly to support patients and their families while funding research to find a cure. Rob’s legacy serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of this work and the need for continued support and awareness.


Rob Burrow’s life and battle with MND have left an indelible mark on the world. His strength, supported by Lindsey’s unwavering dedication, has inspired many to appreciate the small moments and remain hopeful despite adversity. As we remember Rob, we also honor the love and resilience of his family, whose journey continues to inspire and uplift those facing similar challenges.


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