Rob Riggle Wife, Here Is Who Rob Riggle Is Currently Dating Following His Horrible Divorce

Rob Riggle, 54, an actor and comedian known for his roles in “21 Jump Street” and “The Hangover,” faced a challenging divorce from his ex-wife Tiffany Riggle after 21 years of marriage. With a net worth of approximately $5 million, Rob’s life took several dramatic turns during and after the split.

What Led to Rob Riggle and Tiffany Riggle’s Divorce?

Rob and Tiffany Riggle’s marriage appeared to be amicable until their unexpected separation in 2020. Tiffany, an interior designer, once spoke to Sotheby’s in 2019 about the contrast between her career and Rob’s, describing them as being on “polar opposite ends of the spectrum.” Despite initial appearances of an amicable split, their divorce quickly became contentious.

What Were the Allegations in Their Divorce?

In 2021, Rob Riggle filed court documents accusing Tiffany of stealing money and spying on him. According to TMZ, Rob had moved into a smaller home owned by the family while Tiffany remained in their primary residence with their two children. Rob alleged that Tiffany had entered his home and stolen $28,000. His suspicions led him to search his home, where he reportedly discovered a hidden camera in a smoke detector. Footage allegedly showed Tiffany installing the camera and counting the missing money.

How Did Rob Riggle Move On After the Divorce?

Two years after their tumultuous split, Rob Riggle found new love with professional golfer Kasia Kay in 2022. The couple met on the set of the mini-golf game show “Holey Moley,” where Rob was a commentator, and Kasia was a contestant. Their friendship gradually blossomed into a romantic relationship.

How Did Rob Riggle and Kasia Kay’s Relationship Begin?

Rob Riggle and Kasia Kay became Instagram official in June 2022 when Kasia posted a photo of them on the red carpet. “So proud of you @robriggle,” she captioned the photo. The couple’s relationship quickly became a regular feature on Kasia’s Instagram. In October 2022, she shared photos of them at Bronze Buffalo Ranch, wearing cowboy gear and riding horses, captioning it with gratitude towards Rob.

How Did Kasia Kay Show Her Love for Rob Riggle?

Kasia’s affectionate posts continued into 2023. In March, she celebrated playing her favorite golf course with her “favorite person,” and in April, she wished Rob a happy birthday, expressing her gratitude for his love. Their shared experiences and public displays of affection strengthened their bond, making their relationship a significant part of both their lives.

How Did Rob Riggle Influence Kasia Kay’s Interest in Football?

Dating Rob Riggle turned Kasia Kay into a passionate Kansas City Chiefs fan. Rob, a commentator for Fox Sports covering the NFL, has always been a dedicated Chiefs fan. His enthusiasm for his hometown team was evident in his first Instagram post featuring Kasia at a Chiefs game in September 2022. “The @chiefs newest fan @kamk725 brought them some luck!” he wrote. Kasia’s first visit to Arrowhead Stadium later that year was a memorable experience, culminating in the Chiefs’ journey to Super Bowl LVII.

What Other Memorable Moments Did Rob Riggle and Kasia Kay Share?

Rob Riggle and Kasia Kay’s relationship also included exciting trips and adventures. In October 2022, Rob shared a photo of the couple in Las Vegas, capturing their fun and affectionate moments together. Their social media posts reflect a relationship filled with love, support, and shared interests.

How Did Rob Riggle and Kasia Kay Balance Their Careers and Relationship?

Despite their busy careers, Rob Riggle and Kasia Kay managed to maintain a strong and supportive relationship. Rob’s work in entertainment and sports commentary, combined with Kasia’s professional golfing career, showcased their ability to balance personal and professional lives effectively. Their shared experiences and mutual support have become the cornerstone of their relationship.


Rob Riggle’s journey through a contentious divorce and into a loving relationship with Kasia Kay highlights the ups and downs of his personal life. From the dramatic allegations during his split with Tiffany Riggle to finding love and support with Kasia Kay, Rob’s story is one of resilience and new beginnings. As they continue to share their lives on social media, Rob and Kasia’s relationship serves as an inspiring example of moving forward and finding happiness after challenging times.


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