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Robert Miller, Co-Founder of Duty Free Shoppers, and his wife, Chantal Miller, have long been prominent supporters of the arts in Hong Kong. Their contributions have significantly shaped the cultural landscape of the city, leaving a lasting legacy through various donations and projects. This article delves into their notable contributions and the impact these have had on Hong Kong’s arts and culture scene.

Who Are Robert and Chantal Miller?

Robert Miller is best known as the Co-Founder of Duty Free Shoppers (DFS), a luxury retail giant that has a significant global presence. Alongside his wife, Chantal, the Millers have not only built a successful business empire but also become well-known philanthropists, particularly in the realm of the arts. Their dedication to fostering cultural development in Hong Kong has earned them recognition and admiration both locally and internationally.

What Major Contributions Have the Millers Made to the Asia Society Hong Kong Center?

In 2004, Robert and Chantal Miller made a landmark donation of US$3 million to the Asia Society Hong Kong Center. This generous gift played a crucial role in the restoration of the Miller Theater, which was originally a military magazine used for storing ammunition. The revitalized space was inaugurated in 2012, marking a new era for the Asia Society Hong Kong Center. The Miller Theater quickly became a hub for cultural activities, hosting a variety of programs and events that have enriched the local arts scene.

How Did the Miller’s Donation Transform the Chantal Miller Gallery?

In May 2014, Robert Miller made an unprecedented donation of HK$100 million to support and celebrate emerging talent in Hong Kong’s art scene. This donation stands as the largest single gift by an individual to an arts and cultural institution in Hong Kong. In recognition of this significant contribution, the gallery at the Asia Society Hong Kong Center was renamed the Chantal Miller Gallery. This space has since become a pivotal platform for showcasing the work of new and emerging artists, thereby fostering local talent and promoting Hong Kong as a vibrant arts hub.

What Was the Mari-Cha Lion Exhibition?

The Mari-Cha Group, the Millers’ company, played a key role in the Mari-Cha Lion exhibition in 2017. This exhibition was part of the celebrations marking the 5th anniversary of the Asia Society Hong Kong Center’s heritage site. The Mari-Cha Lion, a rare and significant bronze sculpture, was a central piece in this exhibition. The display of this remarkable artifact drew considerable attention, highlighting the historical and cultural richness of the region.

Why Are the Millers’ Contributions Important for Hong Kong’s Cultural Scene?

The Millers’ philanthropy has had a profound impact on Hong Kong’s cultural development. Their substantial financial contributions have enabled the restoration and enhancement of key cultural sites, as well as the promotion of local artists. The Miller Theater and the Chantal Miller Gallery stand as testaments to their dedication to the arts, providing spaces where the community can engage with diverse artistic expressions. Furthermore, the Mari-Cha Lion exhibition underscores their commitment to preserving and celebrating cultural heritage.

What Is the Future of the Millers’ Philanthropic Efforts?

Looking ahead, the Millers are likely to continue their philanthropic endeavors, further strengthening Hong Kong’s position as a global cultural center. Their ongoing support for the Asia Society Hong Kong Center and other cultural initiatives is expected to inspire other philanthropists and businesses to contribute to the arts. The Millers’ vision for a thriving cultural landscape in Hong Kong aligns with the city’s broader goals of fostering creativity and innovation.

How Do the Millers Inspire Other Philanthropists?

The Millers’ contributions serve as a powerful example of how individual and corporate philanthropy can drive significant cultural and social change. By investing in the arts, they have not only enhanced the cultural fabric of Hong Kong but also demonstrated the transformative power of giving. Their work inspires other philanthropists to recognize the value of supporting cultural initiatives and the positive impact such support can have on communities.


Robert and Chantal Miller’s commitment to the arts has left an indelible mark on Hong Kong’s cultural landscape. Through their generous donations and support for the Asia Society Hong Kong Center, they have created lasting legacies that continue to benefit the community. The Miller Theater, the Chantal Miller Gallery, and the Mari-Cha Lion exhibition are just a few examples of their impactful philanthropy. As they continue to champion the arts, the Millers inspire others to contribute to the cultural enrichment of Hong Kong and beyond.



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