Robert Shinn Net Worth, Career And Personal Life

Robert Shinn is an alleged cult leader whose methods and lifestyle have been scrutinized in the Netflix docuseries “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult.” Despite his controversial reputation, Shinn has managed to build a considerable fortune through various ventures, including his church and multiple businesses. However, the details of his early life, upbringing, and experiences remain largely unknown.

How Did Robert Shinn Establish Shekinah Church?

In 1994, Robert Shinn established Shekinah Church in Santa Ana, California, after immigrating from Toronto, Canada. The church was known for being a tight-knit, invite-only community. Initially, his sister Catherine Yi was instrumental in helping establish the church, but she left after Shinn faced allegations of sexual assault from former members in the early 2000s. Despite these accusations, Shinn maintained his positions as both pastor and “Man of God.”

What Other Businesses Has Robert Shinn Founded?

Over the years, Shinn has ventured into various industries, founding at least a cafe, two flower shops, two mortgage companies, and two real estate brokerages. Many of the employees in these businesses were members of his church. By employing church members, Shinn reportedly minimized expenses and ensured a steady inflow of funds back into his enterprises. Former members have claimed that they were paid minimum wages, if at all, while contributing tithes, offerings, gifts, donations, and other expenses to the church.

What Legal Issues Has Robert Shinn Faced?

In 2009, a former member sued Shinn, alleging “undue influence, mind control, coercive persuasion, oppression, and other intimidating tactics” to coerce her into donating $3.8 million. She also claimed that Shinn and his disciples forced her to do unpaid professional work six days a week. Shinn denied these allegations, and the presiding judge ruled in his favor. Despite this legal victory, the accusations have continued to follow him.

How Did Robert Shinn Enter the Entertainment Industry?

After exploring various business avenues, Shinn attempted to break into the entertainment industry through film production. However, he found that talent management was a more feasible and lucrative path. In 2021, he established 7M Films, a talent management firm representing actors, dancers, models, and musicians. The firm quickly gained popularity, amassing over 10 million followers on social media within three years. Despite its claims of being a separate entity from Shekinah Church, many of its clients are reportedly members of Shinn’s sect.

How Does 7M Films Operate?

7M Films helps its clients land deals and takes a 20% management fee from their earnings. Additionally, church members are expected to pay rent, tithes, offerings, and donations, often totaling around 60% of their income before taxes. This business model has drawn criticism for its exploitative nature, yet it has been financially successful.

What Is Robert Shinn’s Net Worth?

The most significant portion of Shinn’s income comes from the brand promotions secured by 7M clients. With clients like Miranda Derrick and James “BDash” Derrick, who have millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok, brand endorsements can fetch anywhere from $250,000 to $500,000 each. If 7M arranges 20-30 such deals annually, the company could see an inflow of $10 million, with $6 million in revenue after commissions and charges. Despite recent bad publicity, Shinn likely pocketed close to $10 million in profits during 7M’s successful run.

In addition to 7M, Shinn’s other businesses, including mortgage and real estate companies, contribute to his wealth. His church, which he has operated for three decades, also generates significant income through gifts, offerings, and donations. While it’s challenging to pinpoint Shinn’s exact earnings from these ventures, a conservative estimate of his net worth is approximately $15 million after accounting for investments and taxes.


Robert Shinn’s journey from establishing a small, invite-only church to building a multifaceted business empire is marked by controversy and legal challenges. Despite the allegations and criticisms, Shinn has managed to accumulate substantial wealth through his church, various businesses, and the lucrative talent management firm 7M Films. His story is a testament to the complex and often contentious nature of mixing religious leadership with entrepreneurial pursuits.


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