Rudy Giuliani Net Worth, Family, Career & More

Rudy Giuliani, aged 80, has experienced a significant financial downfall, with his net worth in 2024 estimated at -$150 million. This dramatic negative net worth follows his recent bankruptcy filing on December 21, 2023. The filing was prompted by a court order to pay $148 million in damages to two Georgia election workers who sued him for defamation.

How Did Giuliani’s Financial Troubles Begin?

Giuliani’s financial problems began with the $148 million judgment against him. The damages included $75 million in punitive damages, $40 million for emotional distress, and $16 million for defamation. This hefty judgment significantly impacted his finances, leading to his bankruptcy filing. Before this, Giuliani’s net worth was around $1 million, and he owned a $6.5 million apartment in New York City and a $4.5 million condo in Florida.

What Assets Did Giuliani Own?

At the time of the judgment, Giuliani’s notable assets included a $6.5 million apartment in New York City and a $4.5 million condo in Florida. However, the IRS placed a lien on the Florida condo in October 2023 for $550,000 in unpaid taxes, adding to his financial woes.

How Did Giuliani Accumulate His Wealth?

At the peak of his career, Rudy Giuliani was worth as much as $100 million. His fortune was largely earned after his political career, primarily through his consulting business, Giuliani Partners, and lucrative public speaking engagements. As recently as 2017, Giuliani was making nearly $10 million per year, according to his financial disclosures.

What Was Giuliani’s Income During His Prime Years?

In 2007, during his presidential campaign, Giuliani disclosed that his net worth ranged between $18 million and $70 million. He earned $11.4 million in 2006 from 124 paid speeches. By 2016, his annual earnings were $7.9 million, increasing to $9.5 million in 2017, and then $6.8 million in 2018, with most of these earnings coming from speaking fees.

How Did Legal Issues Impact Giuliani’s Finances?

Giuliani’s financial troubles were exacerbated by his legal issues, particularly those related to his involvement in the aftermath of the 2020 election. Facing multiple lawsuits and legal fees, Giuliani was ordered to pay $89,000 in legal fees to the election worker defamation plaintiffs in mid-2023. His lawyers claimed he was experiencing financial difficulties and requested an extension to pay his attorneys’ fees.

How Did Giuliani’s Divorce Affect His Finances?

Rudy Giuliani’s divorce from Judith Nathan significantly impacted his finances. The divorce, which took over a year to finalize, revealed that the couple maintained six homes and spent $230,000 per month on their lifestyle. They had 11 country club memberships, and Rudy sometimes spent $12,000 per month on cigars. Post-separation, Giuliani agreed to pay Judith $43,000 per month in support.

What Was Giuliani’s Early Life Like?

Rudy Giuliani was born in 1944 in Brooklyn, New York, to working-class parents Harold and Helen. His father, who had a criminal record, worked in an organized crime-affiliated gambling and loan sharking ring. Giuliani attended St. Anne’s Catholic school and Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School before enrolling at Manhattan College in the Bronx. He graduated with a degree in political science and later earned his JD from the New York University School of Law in 1968.

What Were Giuliani’s Early Career Highlights?

After graduating from law school, Giuliani clerked for Judge Lloyd Francis MacMahon. He then served in the Ford administration as the Associate Deputy Attorney General. In 1981, under the Reagan administration, he became the Associate Attorney General and later the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Giuliani gained prominence through high-profile cases, including the Mafia Commission Trial and the prosecution of Wall Street figures like Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken.

What Were Giuliani’s Achievements as Mayor of New York City?

Rudy Giuliani served as the Mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001. He focused on reducing crime through the controversial “broken windows policing” strategy. Giuliani was widely praised for his leadership during the September 11 terrorist attacks, earning the nickname “America’s Mayor.” Despite this acclaim, he faced criticism for downplaying the health effects of the attacks and his rush to reopen Wall Street.

What Happened After Giuliani Left Office?

After leaving office, Giuliani founded the consulting firm Giuliani Partners and joined the law firm that became Bracewell & Giuliani. He also ran for the Republican Party’s 2008 presidential nomination but was unsuccessful. In 2018, he joined Donald Trump’s legal team, gaining notoriety for his actions during the Trump-Ukraine scandal and the 2020 election.

What Is Known About Giuliani’s Personal Life?

Rudy Giuliani has been married three times and has two children. His first marriage to his second cousin Regina Peruggi ended in divorce in 1983. He then married Donna Hanover, with whom he had two children, Andrew and Caroline. After a highly publicized divorce in 2000, Giuliani married Judith Nathan in 2010. They separated in 2018, and Giuliani later revealed a relationship with nurse practitioner Maria Ryan.

What Properties Did Giuliani Own and Sell?

In 2002, Giuliani purchased a 3-bedroom apartment on E 66th Street in New York, which he listed for sale in August 2023 for $6.5 million. The asking price was later reduced to $5.7 million. In 2010, he and Judith Nathan bought a condo in Palm Beach, Florida, for $1.4 million. After their separation, they listed the condo for $3.3 million, but it remains in Giuliani’s possession, despite the IRS lien for unpaid taxes.

Rudy Giuliani’s financial trajectory is a stark reminder of how quickly fortunes can change, from the heights of wealth and influence to the depths of bankruptcy and legal battles.


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