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This week, Peacock’s latest reality dating show, “Love Undercover,” premieres, featuring five international soccer stars navigating the dating scene in Los Angeles. The twist? These athletes will conceal their true identities, pretending to be regular working-class men. Let’s dive into their stories, exploring both their romantic pursuits and their impressive net worths.

Who Are the Soccer Stars on Love Undercover?

The show brings together five soccer players from various countries, each with unique backgrounds and careers. These athletes believe that women often pursue them for their fame and fortune. But how rich are they really? Here’s a closer look at each participant.

Jamie O’Hara: From Premier League to Love Undercover

What is Jamie O’Hara’s background?

Jamie O’Hara, known for his time with Tottenham Hotspur, Wolverhampton Wanderers, and Fulham, is an English footballer turned sports commentator and manager. After retiring from professional football, Jamie transitioned to managing Billericay Town and providing commentary for Talksport. His diverse career also includes a stint on “Celebrity Big Brother” in the UK.

What is Jamie O’Hara’s net worth?

Jamie O’Hara’s net worth is approximately $8 million, according to His wealth comes from his successful football career, management roles, and media appearances.

Ryan Babel: The Dutch Sensation

What is Ryan Babel’s career history?

Ryan Babel, a 37-year-old from Amsterdam, boasts a global football career, having played for clubs like Liverpool in the UK, Galatasaray in Turkey, Al Ain in the UAE, and Deportivo La Coruña in Spain. He also had a distinguished run with the Netherlands national team, participating in two World Cups and reaching the finals in the latter stages of his career.

What is Ryan Babel’s net worth?

Ryan Babel’s net worth is estimated at around $4 million. His earnings stem from his extensive playing career across multiple top-tier leagues and international competitions.

Marco Fabián: The Mexican Star

What is Marco Fabián’s football journey?

Marco Fabián, an Olympic gold medalist from the 2012 Summer Olympics with the Mexican national team, has had a stellar career. Currently playing for the Empire Stykers in California, Marco signed a two-year contract with the team in December 2023. His past includes significant contributions to teams like Eintracht Frankfurt in Germany and Guadalajara in Mexico.

What is Marco Fabián’s net worth?

Marco Fabián boasts the highest net worth among his peers on the show, with an estimated $12.5 million. His lucrative contracts, especially in the Bundesliga and Liga MX, along with his endorsements and Olympic success, have contributed to his substantial wealth.

Sebastián: The Steadfast Goalkeeper

What is Sebastián’s career like?

Sebastián, a 30-year-old goalkeeper from Mexico City, has played for clubs such as San Fernando CD, Atenas SAD, and Mineros de Zacatecas. He started his youth career with Pachuca from 2009 to 2015, developing into a reliable presence between the posts.

What is Sebastián’s net worth?

Sebastián’s net worth is around $3 million. His earnings are derived from his consistent performances and contracts in the Mexican and Spanish football leagues.

Lloyd Jones: The British Defender

What is Lloyd Jones’s football path?

Lloyd Jones, a 28-year-old British defender, has played for numerous clubs including Liverpool, Blackpool, Swindon Town, Plymouth Argyle, Northampton, and currently Charlton Athletic. His career began with a promising start at Liverpool, where he signed his first professional contract in 2011.

What is Lloyd Jones’s net worth?

Lloyd Jones’s net worth is estimated at approximately $1.8 million. His wealth accumulation is based on his salaries and bonuses from playing across various English clubs.

What Can Viewers Expect from Love Undercover?

How will the show unfold?

“Love Undercover” promises a blend of romance, drama, and humor as these soccer stars navigate the dating world while hiding their true identities. Viewers can expect to see how these athletes handle the challenge of being judged on their personalities and charm rather than their fame and fortune.

What is the Significance of Their Wealth?

Why does their wealth matter in the context of the show?

The net worth of these soccer stars adds an interesting layer to the show. It highlights the contrast between their real lives and the personas they adopt on the show. Their financial success often influences how they are perceived in dating scenarios, and “Love Undercover” aims to strip that away, offering a more genuine look at their personalities and values.

Conclusion: Will Love Conquer All?

As “Love Undercover” premieres, fans are eager to see if these soccer stars can find true love without the influence of their fame and wealth. The show’s unique premise and the intriguing backgrounds of its participants make it a must-watch this season. Tune in to Peacock to follow their journey and see if love truly conquers all.


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