Sebastian Korda Wife, Who Is Ivana Nedved, the Girlfriend of Sebastian Korda?

Sebastian Korda, born on July 5, 2000, in Bradenton, Florida, is a rising star in the world of tennis. As of April 2024, he is ranked No. 27 by the ATP, with a career-high singles ranking of No. 23 achieved in October 2023. Known for his aggressive playing style and net finishes, Korda has made a significant impact on the tennis scene, carrying the legacy of his famous father, Petr Korda, a former Czech tennis player.

Who is Sebastian Korda’s Girlfriend Ivana Nedved?

Ivana Nedved is the girlfriend of Sebastian Korda. She is well-known not just for her relationship with the tennis star but also for her lineage. Ivana is the daughter of the celebrated Czech football legend Pavel Nedved. Her professional background includes working in the brand and communication division of Alfa Romeo, and she is also a notable fashion influencer.

How Old is Ivana Nedved?

Born on March 25, 1997, in Turin, Italy, Ivana Nedved is 27 years old. She holds dual citizenship in the Czech Republic and Italy, reflecting her diverse heritage. Her upbringing involved extensive travel between these countries, enriching her cultural experiences.

What is Ivana Nedved’s Net Worth?

The exact net worth of Ivana Nedved is not publicly known. However, her career achievements and influential positions at companies like Conde Nast, Alfa Romeo, and Vogue Italia suggest she has a substantial income. Her educational background, including a master’s degree in international marketing from King’s College in London, adds to her professional stature.

Ivana Nedved’s Height and Weight

Ivana Nedved stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs approximately 55 kg. Her physical attributes, combined with her professional and social presence, make her a recognized figure in the fashion and influencer industries.

What Does Ivana Nedved Do for a Living?

Ivana Nedved is currently working as an editorial intern at Vogue Italia. She has a diverse professional background, including an assistant brand manager position at CONI and an internship with Conde Nast Italia. Additionally, Ivana is a social media influencer, promoting various brands to her followers.

Ivana Nedved’s Parents

Ivana is the daughter of Pavel Nedved and Ivana Nedvedova. Pavel Nedved is renowned as one of the greatest midfielders in football history. Ivana has a brother, Pavel Jr. Despite her parents separating in 2019, she maintains a close relationship with both. Information about her mother, Ivana Nedvedova, remains limited in the public domain.

Ivana Nedved’s Social Media Presence

Ivana Nedved is active on Instagram under the handle @ivananedved, where she has approximately 81.4k followers. Her social media content often features her travels, fashion endeavors, and moments with her boyfriend, Sebastian Korda.

How Long Have Sebastian Korda and Ivana Nedved Been Dating?

Sebastian Korda and Ivana Nedved began dating in 2021. They celebrated their first anniversary on February 3, 2022, with a heartfelt Instagram post. Korda has expressed in interviews that Ivana is his lucky charm, particularly noting her presence at his first title win.

How Many Children Do Sebastian Korda and Ivana Nedved Have?

As of 2024, Sebastian Korda and Ivana Nedved do not have any children. They are focused on their respective careers and supporting each other’s professional endeavors.

The Professional Journey of Sebastian Korda

Sebastian Korda’s journey in tennis has been marked by notable achievements and consistent progress. In 2021, he won his first ATP singles title at the Emilia Romagna Open. The 2023 season saw him reach his first major quarterfinal at the Australian Open, where he defeated two-time finalist Daniil Medvedev in the third round. His aggressive play style, characterized by frequent net approaches, has earned him a reputation as a formidable opponent on the court.

Endorsements and Net Worth

Korda’s estimated net worth ranges between $2 million and $3 million. His wealth primarily comes from his tennis career and endorsements from prominent brands like Adidas, Motorola, and Wilson. These endorsements not only provide financial support but also enhance his visibility and marketability in the sports world.

Personal Life and Residence

Living in Bradenton, Florida, Korda balances his professional life with a fulfilling personal life. He is in a relationship with Ivana Nedved, and their partnership is often highlighted on social media, showcasing their shared moments and travels.


Sebastian Korda’s rise in the world of tennis is a testament to his talent, hard work, and the support system around him, including his girlfriend, Ivana Nedved. As he continues to climb the ATP rankings and achieve new milestones, Korda remains a player to watch, promising exciting matches and a bright future in tennis.


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