Sheldon Keefe Wife Who Is Sheldon Keefe Married To?

Sheldon Keefe is widely respected for his coaching acumen since taking charge as head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2019. Alongside him is Jackie Keefe, an established businesswoman who is just as noteworthy despite being his spouse – cultivating an atmosphere supportive of family while simultaneously managing her own firm while nurturing Landon and Wyatt while running Jackie’s firm is what Jackie excels at doing! Let us explore this couple’s journey.

A Visionary Entrepreneur: Jackie Keefe

Jackie Keefe hails from Scottsdale, Arizona where she grew up as part of a middle-class family. Through hard work and dedication she established Keefe Enterprises and Domestic Affairs in 2004 as her own business and has maintained the role of CEO to this day, prioritizing values such as creativity and determination in order to sustain and expand it further.

Jackie keeps a relatively modest online presence despite her husband’s high-profile role, with only 195 followers on Instagram page @champagne_brunette. However, her social media posts reveal some insight into her private life, such as supporting and raising their children while sharing moments with close friends and family members. Jackie shares posts which highlight a strong bond with him through mutual respect and love which shines through in these social media posts.

Sheldon Keefe’s Remarkable Coaching Journey

Sheldon Keefe began his coaching journey with Pembroke Lumber Kings of Central Canada Hockey League (CCHL). Though initially struggling, under Sheldon’s guidance and innovative strategies the team quickly turned around, winning multiple championships as a result of its turnaround efforts.

Pembroke’s success opened doors for him as he transitioned to coaching the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds of Ontario Hockey League (OHL), taking up their revitalization mission and cementing his position as one of the league’s premier coaches – making significant improvements and solidifying his standing among his colleagues and players alike.

In 2015, he joined the Toronto Marlies as head coach, quickly making an impressionful mark upon them under his direction. Under his tutelage, they won their maiden Calder Cup victory in 2018, reinforcing his talent at nurturing talent while managing team dynamics.

Sheldon Keefe joined the Toronto Maple Leafs coaching staff as head coach in 2019. Though his first few months on the job were challenging, Keefe remained determined to build a solid foundation. Under his strategic vision and coaching style, they enjoyed an historic season start without even managing playoff success!

Family Support and Resilience

Jackie Keefe stands as an unwavering support system to Sheldon during his demanding career, marrying on June 28, 2008 in Arizona and since that date embarked upon their life together raising two sons named Landon and Wyatt (both born 2010/2012 respectively).

Jackie Keefe took to Instagram during the COVID-19 pandemic to express her support and love for both her husband and players in an NHL club’s battle for survival, sharing an Instagram family photo that highlighted family values like resilience and health during uncertain times. Jackie also wrote an endearing caption which underscored these core ideals of resilience during challenging periods.


Sheldon and Jackie Keefe form an extraordinary duo whose dedication and passion reflect both individual and joint successes. While Sheldon continues his role shaping Toronto Maple Leafs legacy, Jackie heads her enterprise with grace and determination. Their support of each other as family sets an outstanding example for others to see how a shared commitment can uphold both personal and professional endeavors alike.


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