Steven Gerrard Wife, Career And Personal Life

Steven Gerrard, the legendary football manager and former player, has a net worth of $90 million and at the age of 43, he continues to make significant career moves. His latest venture leads him to Saudi Arabia where he coaches Al Ettifaq. However, his wife, Alex Curran, has opted to stay in Bahrain with their children. This decision, while personal, also reflects a strategic approach to maintaining a family lifestyle that aligns with their values and preferences in a region known for its diverse cultural landscapes.

What Are the Lifestyle Benefits of Bahrain Over Saudi Arabia for the Gerrard Family?

Bahrain offers a comparatively liberal lifestyle which is crucial for Alex Curran and her family. The decision to reside in Bahrain, just an hour away from Dammam where Gerrard works, allows the family to enjoy freedoms not fully available in Saudi Arabia. In Bahrain, the Gerrards live in a luxurious six-bedroom house in Hamala, near the royal family and elite circles. The house features a tennis court, pool, and games room, costing around $10,000 per month.

This setting provides an environment more akin to Western standards, with access to luxury malls, bars, and restaurants, such as the Four Seasons’ Cut by Wolfgang Puck. The more relaxed approach to dress codes and social regulations in Bahrain makes it a preferred choice for expatriates, especially when compared to the conservative nature of Saudi Arabia where alcohol is banned and strict dress codes are enforced.

How Does the Educational and Social Environment in Bahrain Benefit the Gerrard Children?

The Gerrard children have the opportunity to attend one of the top 100 English-speaking schools globally, an option that plays a significant role in Alex’s decision to stay in Bahrain. The educational facilities in Bahrain are known for their high standards and international curricula, which are crucial for the children’s development and ease of transition in an expatriate lifestyle.

Socially, Bahrain’s tolerant society allows the Gerrard family to engage in activities that resemble their life in the UK. They are active members of the local Bahrain Rugby Club and frequently dine at high-end establishments, integrating into the community and enjoying a quality of life that might be restricted in more conservative regions.

What Challenges Do Other Athletes’ Families Face in Saudi Arabia?

The experience of other athletes’ families, such as Rebecca Burnett, wife of Jordan Henderson, former Liverpool captain, highlights the stark contrasts between Saudi Arabia and more liberal neighboring countries like Bahrain. Rebecca’s struggles with the restrictive Saudi environment were significant enough to influence Henderson’s decision to leave Al Ettifaq for Ajax. These challenges often include severe dress codes and limited access to public spaces, which can lead to a cultural shock for those accustomed to more liberal societies.

How Does the Gerrard Family’s Decision Reflect Broader Trends Among Expatriates in the Gulf?

The Gerrard family’s choice is reflective of a broader trend among expatriates in the Gulf region, where cultural compatibility and quality of life are major considerations in choosing where to live. The strategic decision to base the family in Bahrain while Gerrard works in Saudi Arabia underscores the importance of a balance between professional opportunities and personal life quality.

This balance is essential not only for the well-being of the family but also for maintaining the stability and happiness of expatriates facing similar dilemmas. By choosing Bahrain, Alex Curran has set a standard for how families can navigate the challenges of living abroad, making informed decisions that prioritize lifestyle and personal values over mere geographical convenience.


Alex Curran’s decision to reside in Bahrain while her husband coaches in Saudi Arabia is a testament to the strategic and thoughtful approach required when balancing professional commitments with family life abroad. The choice ensures that the Gerrard family retains a lifestyle that aligns with their values and preferences, setting an example for other expatriate families navigating life in culturally diverse environments.


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