Stuart Hogg Wife, Who Is Stuart Hogg Wife?, Know All The Details Here!

Stuart Hogg is a former Scotland international rugby player known for his exceptional skills on the field. Born on June 24, 1992, he played as a full-back and earned over 100 caps for Scotland. Hogg retired from professional rugby in 2023 to spend more time with his family. He was a significant figure in rugby, having participated in three tours with the British and Irish Lions.

What Led to Stuart Hogg’s Retirement?

Hogg retired from rugby earlier than expected, citing the physical toll the sport had taken on him. He expressed a desire to be more present for his children, explaining that his demanding career was causing him to miss out on important moments in their lives. Hogg shared emotional anecdotes about being unable to play with his son due to exhaustion from training, highlighting his decision to prioritize family over his career.

Who Is Gillian Hogg?

Gillian Hogg is Stuart Hogg’s wife, whom he married in 2016 at Barony Castle near Peebles. The couple has four children together, the youngest being Phoebe Anne, born just days before the recent events unfolded. Gillian has been a supportive partner throughout Hogg’s career, enduring multiple relocations to support his professional endeavors.

What Is the Recent Controversy Surrounding Stuart Hogg?

The controversy arose when Stuart Hogg publicly revealed his new relationship with TV presenter Leonna Mayor shortly after the birth of his fourth child. This announcement came just days after Gillian gave birth, leaving her heartbroken. The timing and nature of the reveal, including a photo of Hogg and Mayor enjoying a spa weekend, have reportedly devastated Gillian and surprised their family and friends.

Who Is Leonna Mayor?

Leonna Mayor is a former jockey turned TV presenter. She is known for her work on ITV and Sky Sports’ racing coverage. Mayor has been recognized for her attractiveness, once being labeled ‘the world’s sexiest jockey’ by Zoo Magazine. She shared a photo of herself with Hogg on Instagram, captioning it with “The least Mondayest Monday ever,” indicating their enjoyable time together.

How Has Gillian Hogg Reacted?

Gillian Hogg is reportedly distraught and heartbroken by the situation. Friends and family close to the couple have expressed their shock and sympathy for her, especially given the timing right after the birth of their daughter. Gillian’s friends have voiced concerns over her well-being, emphasizing the emotional strain and upheaval she is experiencing.

How Did Stuart Hogg’s Announcement Impact His Family?

The announcement of Hogg’s new relationship has caused significant upheaval for his family. Gillian and the children have had to navigate the emotional turmoil of his sudden relationship reveal. The family’s hopes that Hogg’s retirement would bring them closer together have been dashed, leading to a difficult period for them all.

What Was the Public Reaction?

The public reaction to Hogg’s announcement has been mixed, with many expressing support for Gillian. Comments on social media and in the press have highlighted the insensitivity of the timing, given Gillian’s recent childbirth. The situation has sparked discussions about the pressures and challenges faced by families of high-profile athletes.

What Does the Future Hold for Stuart Hogg and Leonna Mayor?

The future for Stuart Hogg and Leonna Mayor remains uncertain as they navigate their new relationship. While they appear to be enjoying their time together, the public scrutiny and emotional fallout from Hogg’s previous relationship may pose challenges. Both will need to manage their public personas carefully as they move forward.

How Is Gillian Hogg Coping?

Gillian Hogg is reportedly focusing on her children and trying to navigate this challenging period. Friends have described her as heartbroken but resilient, emphasizing her commitment to her kids’ well-being. She has moved out of the family home to cope with the situation and rebuild her life.


Stuart Hogg’s decision to reveal his new relationship shortly after the birth of his fourth child has led to significant emotional turmoil for his wife, Gillian, and their family. The timing and manner of the announcement have drawn public attention and criticism. As they all navigate this difficult period, the focus remains on the well-being of their children and the healing process for everyone involved.


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