Taylor Hill Husband, Relationship, Height, Career And Personal Life Who is Taylor Hill?

Taylor Hill, 27, is a well-known model, particularly recognized for her work with Victoria’s Secret. Over the years, she has made a significant impact in the fashion industry, gaining fame and wealth. As of 2024, her net worth is estimated to be around $6 million.

When and Where Did the Wedding Take Place?

Taylor Hill tied the knot with private equity investor Daniel Fryer on June 10, 2024, at the Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Colorado. This location holds a special place in Hill’s heart as she considers Colorado her constant amidst her extensive travels for work.

What Was the Theme of the Wedding?

The couple chose a Western-inspired theme for their nuptials, reflecting the rustic and natural beauty of Colorado. Hill shared in an interview with Vogue that despite her non-stop travel since the age of 14, Colorado has always been her home and heart. This sentiment added a deeply personal touch to the wedding’s theme and location.

What Did Taylor Hill Wear?

For her walk down the aisle, Taylor Hill wore a custom gown by Etro, paired with David Yurman jewelry. The gown was a significant creation as it marked the first time Etro designed a custom wedding dress. Hill described the dress as “the dress of my dreams,” emphasizing its elegance and bohemian nods with stunning material, movement, and beading.

How Did Hill and Fryer Celebrate Their Union?

After exchanging vows, the couple celebrated with cocktails and dinner. The reception featured performances by their band, Stevie Brock and Dream On, and a special appearance by their friend Chloe Stroll James, who sang a few of the couple’s favorite songs. Hill and Fryer chose Tom Petty’s “Free Falling” for their first dance, adding a personal touch to the celebration.

How Did Taylor Hill and Daniel Fryer Meet?

Taylor Hill and Daniel Fryer were first seen together publicly in February 2020. Their relationship blossomed quickly, and by June 2021, Hill announced their engagement through a heartfelt Instagram post. The post featured Fryer proposing with a picturesque seascape in the background, along with a look at Hill’s beautiful diamond ring.

What Was Hill’s Experience on Her Wedding Day?

Taylor Hill shared that she felt a mix of nervousness and excitement before the ceremony. However, upon seeing Fryer at the altar, she experienced a sense of calm, describing it as a special and beautiful moment shared with their loved ones.

How Did Hill Describe Her Dress and Its Creation?

Hill expressed her gratitude towards Etro and its creative director, Marco de Vincenzo. Having worked closely with Etro in the past, Hill felt like the brand was family to her. She praised de Vincenzo for bringing her vision to life, stating that the collaboration made her dream dress a reality.

What Makes Colorado Special for Hill?

Hill highlighted Colorado’s significance in her life, stating that despite her demanding travel schedule for work, Colorado has always been her constant and a place of solace. She emphasized the emotional importance of getting married in a place that feels like home.

How Did the Couple’s Friends and Family Participate?

Friends and family played a crucial role in making the day special for Hill and Fryer. The intimate setting at Devil’s Thumb Ranch allowed the couple to share their joy with their closest loved ones. The heartfelt toasts, live music, and the presence of dear friends added warmth and meaning to the celebration.

What Are the Couple’s Future Plans?

As Hill and Fryer embark on this new chapter together, they plan to continue supporting each other’s careers and personal endeavors. With Hill’s modeling career and Fryer’s work in private equity, the couple looks forward to a life filled with love, adventure, and mutual growth.

What Can We Expect from Taylor Hill’s Career?

Fans of Taylor Hill can expect her to continue making waves in the fashion industry. With her recent marriage adding a new dimension to her life, Hill’s future projects will likely reflect her evolving personal and professional journey.

How Did the Wedding Reflect Hill and Fryer’s Personalities?

The wedding’s Western-inspired theme, the choice of music, and the intimate setting all reflected the couple’s personalities and shared values. Hill’s love for Colorado and Fryer’s supportive presence were evident in every detail of the celebration, making it a true representation of their love story.


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