Tony Romo Wife, Complete Details All About Candice Crawford Romo

Tony Romo, the former Pro Bowl quarterback with a net worth of $70 million, has remained in the limelight after retiring from the NFL. Since hanging up his helmet in 2017 after a remarkable 14-year career with the Dallas Cowboys, Romo, now 44 years old, has transitioned seamlessly into a successful career as an NFL commentator. He will be providing commentary for his third consecutive Super Bowl in 2024. However, not as many fans are familiar with his wife, Candice Crawford Romo, a sports journalist who has played a significant role in his life and career.

How Did Tony Romo and Candice Crawford Meet?

Tony Romo and Candice Crawford first crossed paths when she was interning for the Dallas Cowboys. Their relationship blossomed quickly, leading to their first date in 2009. Two years later, in 2011, they were married, and they have since welcomed three children into their lives. Tony has often praised Candice for her understanding and support of his demanding career in athletics, noting that her ability to balance her professional and personal life has been crucial to their family’s happiness.

What Is Candice Crawford’s Background?

Born and raised in Texas, Candice Crawford pursued her passion for journalism at the University of Missouri. While in college, she worked as a reporter and sports anchor for KOMU-TV and interned at KTVT, the CBS affiliate in Dallas. During her internship, she covered the Dallas Cowboys for The Blitz, gaining valuable experience that would shape her career. After graduating, she joined CW33 TV in Dallas, covering high school sports and hosting segments like Up All Night and the Dallas Cowboys’ Special Edition weekend sports show.

How Did Candice’s Family Influence Her Career?

Candice Crawford grew up in a family of die-hard Dallas Cowboys fans. When Tony Romo first came to pick her up for a date, her parents, overwhelmed with excitement, had to hide in the bathroom to avoid embarrassing her. This anecdote highlights the Crawford family’s deep-rooted love for the Cowboys, a passion that only intensified after Tony became part of their lives.

Who Is Candice Crawford’s Famous Brother?

Candice’s older brother, Chace Crawford, is a well-known actor, famous for his role as Nate Archibald on the CW series Gossip Girl and currently starring in Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys. Despite Chace’s own fame, the Crawford family was particularly starstruck by Tony Romo, a testament to their lifelong admiration for the Cowboys.

When Did Tony and Candice Get Married?

Tony Romo proposed to Candice Crawford on her 24th birthday in 2010, and the couple tied the knot on May 28, 2011, during the NFL lockout. Their wedding, held at Arlington Hall in Dallas, was attended by 600 guests, including notable Cowboys players and owner Jerry Jones, who had to get special permission to attend due to the lockout.

How Does Candice Balance Motherhood and Career?

Candice and Tony Romo are proud parents of three sons: Hawkins, Rivers, and Jones McCoy. Candice embraces her role as a “boy mom,” enjoying the active lifestyle that comes with raising three energetic boys. Despite her busy schedule, she manages to balance her career and family life, often engaging in activities like sword fighting and basketball with her children.

What Is Candice Crawford’s Pageant History?

Before her journalism career took off, Candice Crawford competed in beauty pageants. She was crowned Miss Missouri USA in 2008, following previous participations in the Miss Texas Teen pageant in 2003 and 2005. Her experience as a broadcast journalism student helped her excel in pageants, particularly in the interview segments.

What Business Ventures Has Candice Pursued?

In addition to her journalism career, Candice Crawford is an entrepreneur. In 2016, she co-founded Hawk+Sloane with her best friend, Hollie Siglin. The company, named after their sons, offers a line of essential oil sprays designed to assist moms with various child-rearing challenges, such as eliminating diaper odors or calming children at bedtime. Candice enjoys the flexibility of running a business with her best friend, allowing her to work around her children’s schedules.

Have Tony and Candice Collaborated Professionally?

Tony and Candice Romo have worked together professionally as well. In 2021, they starred in a Super Bowl commercial for Skechers, showcasing their playful dynamic and strong partnership. The ad, which featured humorous scenes like Tony driving a monster truck to work, was well-received and highlighted their chemistry both on and off the screen.

What Makes Tony and Candice’s Relationship Unique?

Tony Romo often credits his wife, Candice, for her unwavering support and sacrifice, enabling him to pursue his dreams. He has expressed gratitude for her ability to manage their family while he focuses on his career. Candice, in turn, appreciates the active lifestyle of being a “boy mom” and enjoys the adventures and challenges that come with it.

Tony and Candice Romo’s relationship is a testament to the power of mutual support, understanding, and love. Their journey from meeting during a Cowboys internship to becoming a power couple in sports journalism and business showcases their strong bond and dedication to each other and their family.


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