Trad Wife Tiktok Fired, a Tik Toker, Lost Her Job After Inadvertently Using the N-Word in A Popular Cooking Video.

Lilly Gaddis, a 29-year-old social media influencer known for her “trad-wife” persona, has recently found herself at the center of a controversy. Gaddis, who boasts a net worth of approximately $500,000, posted a TikTok video that has since resulted in her termination from her job. The video, in which she used a racial slur, has sparked significant backlash and discussion.

What Did Lilly Gaddis Say in the Video?

In the now-deleted TikTok video, Gaddis casually used a racial slur while commenting on her views about marriage. She stated that everyone she knows who is married is with “broke ass n****s,” delivering the slur in a nonchalant manner while wearing a patterned apron and cracking pepper. This inflammatory remark was met with widespread outrage, leading to her employer’s swift response.

How Did Her Employer Respond?

Gaddis was employed by Rophe of the Carolinas, a company providing home health services for the elderly. In light of her controversial remarks, the company issued a statement announcing her termination. “A newly hired employee made inflammatory remarks on social media that do not align with the values and beliefs of our company,” Rophe wrote. The company emphasized that these sentiments are not representative of their organization, which is owned and operated by African American female and immigrant-owned businesses. They made it clear that such behavior is not condoned or supported.

What Was Lilly Gaddis’ Reaction to Her Termination?

Following her termination, Gaddis took to social media to comment on her situation. In a flippant tweet, she posted, “Oh no I just got fired!” Her lack of remorse was further reflected in a follow-up video where she sarcastically acknowledged the backlash, stating that after a “soul search” she still “couldn’t find a care.” Gaddis’ recent posts continue to show her unapologetic stance, claiming that her freedom of speech is under attack and thanking the black community for “launching her new career in conservative media.”

How Has Social Media Reacted to the Incident?

As of Wednesday morning, Gaddis has amassed 84,000 followers on X, where she has been reposting supportive comments about the original clip. She shared a tweet showing her TikTok account suspension, captioned with, “CONVICTED WRONGFULLY JUST LIKE TRUMP.” This comparison has only added to the controversy surrounding her.

What Are Lilly Gaddis’ Future Plans?

Gaddis has expressed her intent to continue her career in conservative media. She appeared on the right-wing InfoWars show ‘War Room,’ where she discussed her conservative beliefs and recent decision to make videos about topics she claims many are too afraid to voice. During the interview, she dismissed the prevalence of racism in the country and criticized the notion of victimhood as profitable. Gaddis is now seeking financial backing from conservative groups, asking for sponsorships for events like AFPAC and Turning Point.

What Impact Has This Incident Had?

This incident has sparked a significant conversation about the limits of free speech and the consequences of hate speech on social media. While Gaddis claims to be exercising her right to free speech, many argue that her remarks are harmful and perpetuate racial discrimination. The swift action by her employer reflects a growing intolerance for such behavior in professional settings.

What Does This Mean for Social Media Influencers?

Gaddis’ case highlights the increasing scrutiny that social media influencers face regarding their public statements. With large followings come greater responsibilities, and the backlash against Gaddis demonstrates that the public and employers are less willing to overlook offensive behavior. This incident serves as a cautionary tale for influencers about the potential repercussions of their words and actions.


Lilly Gaddis’ recent actions and the subsequent fallout underscore the complex interplay between free speech and accountability in the digital age. Her refusal to retract her remarks, coupled with her termination and subsequent media appearances, will likely continue to fuel debate on these critical issues. As Gaddis navigates her new path in conservative media, the impact of her words and the public’s response will be closely watched.


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